Exceptionally Perfect Japanese Dishes That Will Make You Smile

Every bite of sushi or sip of ramen will remind you of Japan, a country that is passionate about cooking perfection. From the good Japanese restaurant in Bangkok to the Michelin star restaurant in Singapore, skilled Japanese chefs exert the effort to perfect the art of cooking to such an extent that people all over the world have opted to abandon their usual food choices.

Japanese cuisine has gained a worldwide reputation for perfection. If you are in Japan, food establishments ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive high-end restaurants always strive for quality. Japanese cooks never compromise the quality of their food no matter how much you pay and where you choose to eat.

Japanese foods that will make you wish that you are in Japan right now includes:

  • Tonkatsu– a dish that is made from breaded pork and served with rice, shredded cabbage and miso soup. It is one of the best Japanese dishes you need to taste; however, it also available in many Japanese restaurants all over the world.
  • Soba – is usually served in high-end restaurants. It is an authentic dish made from buckwheat flour noodles and topped with different ingredients like chicken breast, shrimp, tofu, egg and steamed vegetables.
  • Udon – are noodles made from wheat flour and served with tempura and lots of green onions. This is the perfect dish for a cold winter night but make sure to order it from a restaurant that specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine.
  • Shabushabu – is one of those Japanese dishes that are being copied by many restaurants. The meal is made from thinly sliced meat and vegetables that need to be submerged in a special boiling Japanese stock. You can help but smile when this dish is shared between you and your friends in a good Japanese restaurant.

You do not have to travel all the way to Japan to taste their authentic cuisine because there is good Japanese restaurant in Bangkok that offers salmon dishes and sushi delights to whet your appetite. You also have a choice from a range of seafood dishes that include raw salmon, tuna, squid, and other exceptionally fresh fishes.