Exterminators Speak Up Against Pest Control Viewed As Grudge Purchase

During the inauguration of the World Pest Day which was held in Beijing, China, the message was sent out by Louis Lindenberg, the president of the South African Pest Control Association. According to him, up to these days, pest control is still considered by homeowners as a grudge purchase. It is evident in various countries including pest control in Sydney. It has been given a bad reputation by developing countries as well as those belonging in the third world category. This is because pest control is viewed as something they have to pay for but does not want to.

Lindenberg added that pest management plays an important role when it comes to keeping the environment safe but it is often overlooked because many thinks that the industry was created purely for commercial gain.

Lindenberg was only one of the many industry leaders along with researchers that attended the event. They come from over 20 different nations and decided to come together at the capital of China in an attempt to raise awareness globally with regards to the importance of pest management and the roles it play in keeping the public healthy and safe.

The World Pest Day was launched at exactly the right time because the industry viewed these times as critical with the rise in diseases brought about by rodents, mosquitoes and ticks. In the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of people infected with dengue fever, Zika virus, malaria and yellow fever.

The event was proposed by the Chinese Pest Control Association. They believe that the rise in the number of organisms carrying diseases are due to a number of factors such as the planet warming faster than usual, urbanization coming at an alarming rate and the increase in trade as well as tourism.

The World Health Organization emphasized that over one million people are dying every year because of vector-borne illnesses. This is why pest control in Sydney and all over the world, should not be viewed as grudge purchase but rather a necessity that keeps the public safe. They are now looking for ways to ally with other pest professionals located all over the globe.