Famous People And Their Interesting Business Cards

The business cards of well-known artists, successful tycoons and politicians hold several remarkable insight in the owner’s personalities.

Business cards of famous personalities

Donald Trump’s showy business card hints at his flamboyance, Harry Houdini’s uncommon triangle gets instant attention, and Andy Warhol’s shows his insights about art and commerce.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, shows that being the boss allows one to put anything on a business card and no one can disagree. It reads, “I’m CEO, Bitch!”

Business cards has been a form of introduction, as well as a source of information, for more than a century before the arrival of modern day tools like LinkedIn and Facebook.

In the early days of the business cards, lawyer Abraham Lincoln put in a small essay in his business card explaining his credentials.

Business cards typically provide personal and contact details as well as a person’s job description.

Business cards and their purpose

For Travis Kemp, a corporate psychologist, business cards give a practical function.

According to him, many business cards are constrained due to corporate style standards. However, for an individual, a business card can be personalized which enables an expression of uniqueness or an insight about who owns the it, what the owner stands for or what the owner wants the receiver to know about him or her.

For a lot of people, the manner of how a business card showcases their name or their title is the most vital aspect.

Titles like Dr. or Professor are instant recognitions of professional standing or expertise, according to Kemp.

Likewise, qualifications and affiliations strengthen the credibility.

Others, on the other hand, choose to exclude these details entirely.

For Kemp, this communicates approachability, accessibility and humility. The balance regarding things understated or overstated is a dictated by professional norms.

Mark Zuckerberg’s card is a bold statement and could give a different effect on its receiver.

According to Kemp, it presents radicalism or non-compliance or a lack of awareness regarding the value of considered or inclusive expression.


A business card is really a great tool for providing insight to an individual or a business. For those that want to have interesting business cards, there are Perth Printers that make business cards according to one’s preference.