Football Fans Got Early Christmas Gift This July

Many would be celebrating Christmas in July but football fans got the best deal for this year. While it may not be so good news for Optus, SBS recently announced that the television channel will be broadcasting every match held in Russia for the upcoming FIFA World Cup. This is after Optus decided to stop its exclusive contract with SBS in regards to the remaining games.

Many are now wondering why they made this move considering that the broadcaster is only a small channel and the football matches are guaranteed to have the best ratings. According to records, the 10 best programs shown at SBS are all connected to the game of football. Seven out of 10 are from the recorded FIFA World Cup in Germany way back 2006. The matches were all shown with respect to the time zone where the game was held and the same timetable is to be used with the upcoming games in Russia.

Beginning in 2001, record shows that only eight of the best 20 shows in SBS were not in any way connected to football. We are now in an age where Australia’s public broadcasters have no way of knowing what the future holds for them with the addition of the recent cut from their funding provided by the government. Now that SBS has the right to broadcast the World Cup, it is seen to be a way to profit money because SBS features ads unlike ABC where there is none.

It was 2011 when SBS Television got the exclusive rights to broadcast the upcoming FIFA World Cups – 2018 and 2022. This exclusivity started in 1990 when the World Cup was held in Italy. The acquisition was made possible by then managing director of SBS, Michael Ebeid.

Mr. Ebeid said that they were able to acquire the deal because they are known to be dedicated to the sports of football and their coverage on television is always comprehensive.

New developments were revealed two years ago regarding the deal between SBS and Optus which means they are no longer exclusively streaming the 2018 FIFA World Cup. While this may not be beneficial to the company, fans are surely having Christmas in July because of the recent announcements.