Four Main Types Of Seat Covers For Vehicles And Tips To Care For Them

The seat upholstery in a car is an important part of its interior. It influences the look and aesthetics of the interior and also protects the original seats from damage due to dust, mildew, spills and pet hair. The selection of covers is a tough decision for vehicle owners, as there a lot of options to choose from. The seat covers are available in a host of colors and designs. Before making a decision it is important to know the qualities of different material and the maintenance requirements. Let us take a look about the materials like faux leather, leather, nylon and vinyl.

  • The faux leather seat covers are the most sought after range because of the look and comfort they offer. These covers look exactly like genuine leather covers and cost way too less. The similarity extends to the qualities such as UV resistance, Mildew resistance and breathability. The faux leather seat covers can be customized according to customer specifications as they are synthetically manufactured. It is very easy to care for these covers. Use a feather duster for regular cleaning and wipe away any accidental spills. The material does not stain and tear easily.
  • Leather seat covers offer ultimate luxury to vehicle interiors. The covers are usually custom made according to customer specifications. The comfort and look offered by genuine leather covers cannot be replicated. But leather covers are very highly priced and do not fit into everyone’s budget. It is also difficult to care for leather covers. You have to use leather specific products for regular cleaning of the upholstery. Use a clean cloth to wipe away dirt and dust from the seats and use leather conditioner to prevent the covers from breaking and increase durability.
  • Nylon is a common material used for seat covers. The material is strong and it does not stain or tear easily. Maintenance of these covers is also easy. They just need regular vacuuming to clean away the dust and crumbs. You can also wash the covers with hot water and detergent and wipe them dry with cold water.
  • Vinyl is another common material used for designing seat covers. It is non-porous and so stain resistant and water proof. Cleaning vinyl covers is easy and just requires a gentle wipe with a wet towel. You can use vinyl cleaners to remove stains.

Choose a seat cover that suits your requirements and fits in your budget. Opt for faux leather seat covers if you wish to have the luxurious look of leather at low cost or opt for nylon covers if you are travelling with kids.