Friendly Tips To Find Luxury 5 Star Resort In Phuket

You will not have a hard time finding a luxury 5 star resort in Phuket or in its nearby islands. Aside from luxury hotels, you can also find other establishments that offer various accommodations such as pool villas,standard hotels, beach resorts, apartments and even pension houses. The only thing you need to do is take time to research to find excellent hotels that will suit your budget. Here are some tips to find the right hotel for you.

Check the internet

One of the best sources of hotel information is the internet.Aside from checking at the official website of the hotel, you can also check from third party sites for more options. The good thing about checking from the hotel’s website is that you can find exciting deals and promos that can only be accessed from the hotel. Another source of information is independent review sites that vouch for luxury resorts in Phuket that you can book from. These review sites do not just provide reviews, they also present hotel ratings given by actual hotel or resort guests and this can help you arrive at a sound decision.

Ask the locals

If you have friends in Thailand, they can also provide ideas on reputable luxury 5 star resort in Phuket where you can stay at. The locals are also reliable sources of recommendation for hotels that are popular among tourists. Thailand’s tourism agency is also rich with information for government recommended and registered resorts. Look for a resort with special citations and awards given by their local review board.

Inquire from friends who recently travelled to Phuket

If you have friends who recently travelled to Phuket, they can also be an excellent source of information for hotels or resorts that they enjoyed staying at. Find out if the resort they booked from offers excellent accommodation, if they have sumptuous meals in their restaurant and if the rates were reasonable. Prefer a luxury 5 star resort in Phuket that suits your budget and one that fits your choices. Look fordeals and packages to reduce your travel costs.