Genius Ideas In Japanese Bathrooms

Small bathroom renovations Perth can get inspiration from Japanese bathrooms. In the adorable video from Life Where I’m From, Japanese bathrooms have brilliant setups and a very hygienic way of taking a bath. Water is recycled through an inspiring sophisticated system that beats American bathroom ideas.

1. Inside a Japanese bathroom, three people can clean at the same time. There is a separate small room for the bath, another for the main sink and a cordoned-off toilet that also includes a sink on top of the toilet. The water you just used to wash your hands can be reused to flush the toilet. The small bathroom space becomes very functional and practical particularly if everybody is in a hurry to use the bathroom.

2. The bathtub area usually has a small seat with a water spray wand so that the hair and skin can be cleaned before getting into the bath. This is an incredible idea of getting clean before using the bath because you do not wallow in your own filth. You can lie back and relax in the clean hot water.

3. There is also an additional feature of a control panel for the desired water temperature. Just pick the warmth you want and the tub will respond. The bathroom gadget includes an emergency call button and regular call button in case you want to call building security in the apartment building.

4. After taking a bath, water can be reused for laundry. Because the Japanese rinses off the hair and skin before getting into the bath, the water is clean enough for another person who wants to use the bath. Otherwise, bath water can be sucked in through a tube that connects to a washing machine so that it can be used for laundry. The idea is not only brilliant but economical.

5. The control panel on a fan can fluff the clothes while they hang. All the wrinkles will be removed without ironing. It is Japanese bathroom magic. Less energy consumed without any efforts at all.

There are lots of ideas for bathroom renovations and while they can be funny and outrageous, if you try to look closely, they are indeed practical.