Girl Went To America For Cancer Treatment Returns Home Seeing A Surprise

Emily Cassidy just recently returned from America where she went through a cancer treatment.

The three year old girl left her home which was damp, mouldy and almost falling apart. Then, she came home to find one with current equipment and new goods.

The mum of Harry Moseley, a Birmingham schoolboy hero, brought a group of volunteers in order to totally renovate and restore Emily’s family home in Stechford.


A newly renovated and restored home fit for a family

The walls and extension which were damaged have been rebuilt. There are new windows, a new roof and a new bathroom and kitchen.

Emily and her two sisters, most importantly, now have new bedrooms and a landscaped garden where they could play in.

Birmingham Mail reports that Emily’s mum, Lucy and her whole family were filled with joy. They were truly surprised to see their new home.

Lucy expressed her disbelief that the house is theirs. She is married to husband Phil and mum to Chelsea and Chloe.

She mentioned that it was a horrible place that Emily came home to. The house was dirty due to its state and Emily kept getting some infections delaying treatment.

She added how their new home is a huge difference in their lives. This is a home Emily can come home to after chemotherapy, and how they can have visitors around without that feeling of embarrassment.


Help Harry Help Others

Georgie Moseley runs the Help Harry Help Others charity which was set up in Harry’s name. Harry died at age 11 in 2012 whilst he was battling brain tumour after they raised £500,000 for the Cancer Research UK organisation.

It was in her drop-in centre that she knew of Cassidy’s plight. A friend visited her in the centre, and she went to Lucy’s that night. Seeing their home, she promised Lucy a safe and practical home.

She set up Georgie’s Respite Renovations and was overwhelmed by the outpouring support from businesses willing to help with the task.

Georgie thanks all surveyors, plasterers, tilers and gardeners as well as all the local companies who helped.



Truly, help is always there for people who need it. Emily and her family are now given a liveable home.

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