Giving Underprivileged Children The Education They Deserve

There are areas in New Delhi where people live in slums or substandard housing. Most of the parents cannot afford to have their children educated because of poverty. Rajesh Sharma, a 45-year old grocery store owner noticed the sad plight of the children and decided to provide them with free education under a bridge in New Delhi for the past 7 years.

While strolling, Sharma saw the children of laborers playing in the dust and mud while the bridge was still under construction. He asked the parents why the children were not in school and the parents said that school is too far and they do not have the financial means to provide the children with education.

Sharma was driven to educate the children from the slums because he was also forced to drop out from college due to financial constraints. Every day, Sharma would give the children lessons from nine in the morning until two in the afternoon. 200 underprivileged children study English, Hindi, science, mathematics, history and geography under the tutelage of Sharma.

Studying was indeed a big sacrifice for the children because there were no chairs or tables. Their classroom under the bridge only has one wall which is concrete. The wall is actually part of the bridge and Sharma uses it as the blackboard. Sharma’s school does not receive any government funding that is why he has to rely on public support and donations. People are good enough to donate books, uniforms, shoes and food on a regular basis.

Some goodhearted people have donated sports equipment so that during Saturday’s the children can play cricket, football, badminton and other games. Pappu, a 15-year old student walks 2 kilometers every day to reach the school because he wants to learn. Sharma on the other hand, goes straight to his store after providing the lessons and works until 10 PM.

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