Giving Up A Chance To A Championship To Save A Life

Cameron Lyle of New Hampshire grew up as an athlete and knew all about self-sacrifice and giving your all. During his career as a track and field star from high school to college, Lyle experienced the meaning of sacrifice but it was relatively easy because he just had to work harder and sweat a little bit more.

Recently, Lyle upped the ante when he officially ended his athletic career in college earlier than expected so that he could donate bone marrow to a 28-year old male who was suffering from blood cancer called acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The decision to donate bone marrow came days before the final chances to win gold medals in Division I America East Conference championships and the famous Penn Relays which is the oldest and most celebrated track and field completion for college athletes in the country. Lyle had previously gained 11 medals from the conference level.

According to Lyle’s mother Christine Sciacca, Lyle told her what he is planning to do and she was very proud of her son. Lyle who just turned 22 has registered to become a bone morrow donor two years ago and until recently, ha forgotten that he did so. It was during his sophomore year when a couple of football players asked Lyle to get his cheeks swabbed for a minute. Be A Match from the National Bone Marrow Program says that the odds of actually becoming a match is one in 5 million.

Be A Match called Lyle and informed him that he was a possible match for a bone cancer patient, one of the 12,000 patients who require bone marrow transplant. The idea of marrow harvesting surgery is frightening but Lyle did it to save a life. Lyle gave up the championship for the right reason. Sport is just part of life; it is not everything.

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