Greece’s New Government To Leave Behind The Austerity That Ruined Greece

Greece- Supporters of the left-wing Syriza party danced in the streets as the winners of the election was declared.
Alexis Tsipras, leader of the Syriza party was named the new Prime Minister of Greece. He is only 40 years and is the youngest leader Greece has had in over 150 years. He is also the first radical leader to grab the highest position in the country.

The new government’s new hope

The new prime minister’s agenda will first include eradicating the austerity that left Greece in ruins. He said in his speech that he will end the five year humiliation that Greece has experienced. With his new governance, he promises to trim down the massive debt of Greece and gain back the trust and respect of other European nations.

Greece’s condition

The international creditors of Greece has imposed on it heavy measures on its borrowings. It has sent the economy of the country in downward spiral. The Greek population suffered increased rate of unemployment. At least 28 percent are unemployed in Greece. Those who have jobs have suffered in the decrease of wages and benefits, pension plans are suspended and the age of retirement is being pushed back.

The outgoing Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said that he did everything to try to save the country from ruins, and that he did. His conscience is clear and that he made a good job in saving a desperate nation.

A good change for Greece?

Many are debating whether the takeover of a radical leader as prime minister will get the country out of being economically trapped for so long or would it continue the austerity that has groped the nation for so long. The Greeks are hopeful that the new government will turn the tide around and save them from the difficult times.

It is believed by many that the emergence of the new leadership in Greece will turn the course of how policies will be conducted in the European zone. The victory of the Syriza party has also given confidence to other radical parties in Europe, specifically in Spain and Italy.