Habitat For Humanity Set For Biggest Build

Working on a house can be troublesome. You need a lot of knowledge, possibly people, and a lot of resources to do it right. Asking a company like Capital Plumbing & Heating to work on a house isn’t unheard of but imagine asking them to work on seventy-five.

That’s exactly what the Edmonton chapter of Habitat for Humanity is planning to do, and complete. This bold undertaking will be the organization’s biggest build ever. No other endeavor in its 25-years of history has the group taken on a challenge such as this. HFH CEO & President Alfred Nikolai likened the task to the Olympic, stating that he and the HFH expect thousands of volunteers to show up and contribute, not just from North America, but from all across the globe.

HFH will work on the 75 homes all in a one-week time span. The 75 homes are separated into 3 areas, 58 of them in Southern Edmonton, in the Laurel neighborhood, and 16 in Fort Saskatchewan. The remaining houses are all to be built in another area, yet to be chosen at this time. Meanwhile, the local volunteers are already hard at work creating the prefab walls, decks, and floors for the homes to be built.

Mr. Nikolai has asked for the cooperation of local Edmontonians. He states that HFH needs the local community for this daunting task.

The recipients of the homes are also required to contribute to volunteer work. They must pitch in at least 500 hours for the project.

One way the HFH keeps the costs of all these projects done, is through the proceeds acquired from its three ReStore shopping centers in the city. In these stores, items are donated from all sorts of people and even businesses, then volunteers get to work with sorting them in the store shelves. When they’re purchased by shoppers, the profit made goes to HFH, which they use to fund their humanitarian efforts.

According to the director of ReStore operations, Chris Gibson, the three Restores in the Edmonton area brought in $3 million of proceeds.

Mr. Nikolai has expressed his belief in the necessity of being willing to help others by your own means.

It’s certainly bold, both in scope and intent. Wonder if the local companies, like Capital Plumbing & Heating are willing to help? It wouldn’t hurt to ask.