Here’s How You Can Maintain A Tree Through To The Next Decade

Ever since antiquity, trees have always played a vital role in the planet and with the way life works. That is why it is important to take care of them now, especially since every day the world is losing more and more trees. Trees are fighting a losing battle to industrialism, human consumption and human error. Specimen trees in landscapes would need exceptional care for them to survive. By caring for these trees, you would ensure their continued health as well as the growth of the new generation of trees. The trees that were lost are gone forever but that doesn’t mean that you can’t plant more trees to replace the ones that were lost. So if you are wondering how you can take care of your tree and maintain it through to the next decade, then here’s how.

  1. If you want a tree to survive, the key is to provide adequate water. This is exceptionally critical during the first three years of the tree’s life. But you should also know that the tree’s watering needs need to be fulfilled and maintained for life. A newly planted tree would need to be provided with adequate water in order to pack the soil and remove the air that can cause roots to dry.
  2. Mulching is important because it makes sure that moisture is always readily available to the roots. It can also help reduce grass competition. Ring the base of the tree with mulch or organic materials like leaves, bark and needles but always remember not to let the mulch touch the tree itself, just the base. In the first three years, you should maintain 4 inches of mulch from the roots.
  3. You should use tree stakes only when needed because there are trees that don’t need stakes to remain standing.
  4. When pruning, prune only critical branches that are either broken or dead.
  5. GET PROFESSIONAL HELP. You should at least get a tree surgeon like those from Ark Fencing & Tree Work to care and inspect your trees. They can make sure that your trees are at full health.

Remember, as Joyce Kilmer once said in his lyrical poem, “only God can make a tree” that is why it is important to care for these wonderful creations not only for you but for the future generations to come.