Holiday Gift Ideas That Can Make People Happy

There is still enough time in the weeks prior to the holidays to start thinking about gifts. One kind of gift that can make people happy is edible gifts. When you prepare edible foods like baked cookies, candies and preserves, it represents thoughtfulness and consideration. These gifts have a clear purpose – to be eaten and yet they are gifts that are not time consuming or expensive to become delicious.

Maggie Batista is a Boston-based owner of Eat Boutique and author of Food Gift Love. According to Batista, the best edible gifts are the 5-minute gifts that can be made and given on the same day. More than 100 recipes are shared by Batista on her Food Gift Love from boozy spirited gifts to candied and baked treats with complete instructions for easy and attractive packaging.

For the festive and boozy gifts, Batista suggests homemade grenadine for the holidays. People normally get excited about cocktails and homemade grenadine will clearly outshine the Shirley Temple’s and Roy Rogers’ that are sold in the grocery stores.  To gift wrap the grenadine, Batista prefers to keep it simple by wrapping the bottle in newspaper and tying it with a twine.

Rosie Daykin of Vancouver’s Butter Baked Goods and author of Butter Celebrates prefer to make baked goods for holiday gifts. She suggests the showstopper Panettone an Italian sweetbread as well as an assortment of treats. To pack the assortment of holiday gift, Daykin suggests the bamboo steamer which can be bought by the layer at many dollar and specialty stores. The holiday gift will look wonderful and it will be fun to unwrap.

When it comes to choosing recipes for the holiday gift, you do not have to make a unique one for every person in your life. Choose one recipe and make sure you master it. Remember, it is the gift itself that counts and everything that went into it which means your time and efforts.

For the holiday season, you have an option of gift bags that are inexpensive and attractive. They come in different colors, designs and prints with the option of custom printing.