Home Preparation For Rat Control In Brisbane

Rats are one of the most hideous and dangerous pests. They damage your property and can spread disease to pets and your family. To prevent such scenario, call for experts in Rat Control in Brisbane to solve the issue. When you have already set a schedule, you can start preparing your premises to ensure a safe and successful rat extermination job. Here are some tips:

  • Secure all your food articles especially those that are not canned, jar or refrigerator. Keep them stored away for at least two weeks before and after the session. Pet food should also be kept safe. Rat extermination may involve strong chemicals that may also harm pets and humans if ingested accidentally.
  • Check any holes or small openings on your walls or property. Rats can get through holes as tiny as ½ inch in diameter and start to breed rapidly. If you are renting a property, inform the owner or property custodian right away to provide solutions on the openings.
  • To prepare for the Rat Control in Brisbane activity, remove items paced on top and below the refrigerator including those below the kitchen sink and cupboards to allow free access to these areas.
  • Before the session starts, inform the technician of the critical areas where these rats inhabit or are frequently seen. Provide all the necessary information such as the usual routes of rats and where the holes are in the area.
  • If the technician placed baits or traps around the area, do not touch these during or after the service. You should also inform your household about these traps. Watch your kids and pets to prevent them from disturbing the traps. Trapping device can also be injurious so keep your eye on tiny tots and your furry pets.

After the session, regularly clean and vacuum your premises on a regular basis.  Dispose your garbage properly and keep biodegradable items such as food leftover in a covered bin. Clean food spills especially in the kitchen and dining area for longer Rat Control in Brisbane.