Hot In Auckland – Say Goodbye To RAYC, Hello To HMSC

Saying goodbye to something that has marked lives is always a sad thing for most. However, such changes and goodbyes do not lead to sad times as most would believe. There are times that these act of saying farewell to something is a beginning to another phase or chapter. Suck is the case in one of the buildings in Auckland.

Last Feb 2017, it was reported that the historic Auckland yacht club will feel the wrecking ball strike its walls soon to make way for a sports centre worth $13 million. This will mark the end of an era for the Royal Arkana Yacht Clun (RAYC) but this will also pave the way to the beginning of the Hyundai Marine Sports Centre (HMSC) which will be replacing the yacht club. This is located in Auckland’s Okahu Bay.

The governance body for the HMSC is the Akarana Marine Sports Charitable Trust (AMSCT) and the project will be funded by the Auckland Council and a list of sponsors. This centre aims to provide activities and venues for residents for sports education, recreation, and leisure. This centre will include training areas and educational and event spaces that can host 300 people or more.

The construction will be done by stages. The first stage will involve the demolition of the RAYC, the building of the exterior, and the construction of the ground floor which includes boat storage and a café. The second stage will need more support and this will include the construction of the ground floor fit outs, the gym, and the administration offices. Not only does it need support for more funds, it also needs volunteers to help out in the centre. The new centre will hopefully be up and running by 2018.

There is sadness to see something that has been there for quite a while be torn down as was the case for RAYC. However, to see the HMSC built also eases the sadness, knowing that there are some improvements being done for the community. This new centre will be providing people, especially the younger generation, a place to learn to sail and enjoy sports. RAYC, on the other hand, has transferred to a temporary location in Okahu Bay.

This endeavour also provides companies for office fitouts in Auckland to do and have more business. It also ensures that more opportunities are being provided to other industries as well.