Hot Jobs: Plumbers, Steamfitters, Pipefitters

Dale Parker, who previously lived in California, saw being a plumber as a good job opportunity, and he just did it. However, when he relocated to Idaho, the rules became different.

Idaho needs a plumber to complete a four-year apprenticeship prior to working as a journeyman. Parker finished his apprenticeship from the College of Southern Idaho in 2015 while doing on-the-job training together with coursework.

Parker said that school teaches one the code.

Currently, he is employed with Reis Plumbing & Heating located in Filer. Even though, he sees being a plumber having little turnover, he mentioned that this gives a steady job.

Who else are involved

The people in the Idaho Department of Labor category collect, install and work on pipe systems which carry liquids or gases like water, steam and air. This involves sprinkler fitters or people who does heat and cooling equipment installations.

Why this is hot

Even though this doesn’t have high openings, six of eight openings yearly from 2014 – 2024 will include new jobs. The growth rate moved nine spots up in the Hot Jobs list.

What this pays

The usual entry level wage is about $16.33 per hour. It has a $23.65 median wage and a $34.98 experienced wage.

What education is needed

For an entry level job, this just needs a high school diploma or an equivalent.

However, a would-be plumber will need to be apprenticed under a licensed journeyman prior to doing work independently. This is due to the requirements set by the Idaho Division of Building Safety.

According to Brandi Turnipseed, CSI’s executive director for workforce development, a person can’t work in a plumbing, HVAC or an electrical field without becoming an apprentice for a journeyman or a journeyman.

The high school students, who are sixteen or older, may obtain an apprenticeship license and start on-the-job training, while making sure to complete five years of classroom and on-the-job hours of training.

In sum, this is great news for homeowners because this means that education, proper training and right experience are a guarantee that asking help from a plumber in Idaho – or from other parts in the world, like a plumber Northampton – will provide them with the professionalism and expertise required to perform the job.