Hotels Upgrading Their Wifi And Electronic Doors

The Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants are not having the time of their life last month because of the strings of hacking that has been happening on various hotels. Hacking hotels are a breeze because of the not so secure technology that they are adapting.

Kimpton is also owned by InterContinental Hotels Group and it has recently reported that they received a malware attack targeting their credit card payments. After the attack, a data breach in the United States has occurred which affected 20 hotels that are operated by Hyatt Hotels, StarWood Hotels and Restaurants, HEI Hotels & Resorts for Marriott International and InterContinental.

According to the CEO of illusive networks which is a cyber security company based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Shlomo Touboul, hotel companies are usually the target of the attackers because they are easily breached due to their cyber security which is not updated and add the fact that the networks of the hotel chains are interconnected with one another. He also added that during an attack on the network, they have no defense installed that will detect or mitigate the ongoing attack. He admitted that many hotel companies have invested greatly into preventive security measures but they have not given more focus on the detection after a breach.

Hackers have different focus and not all are interested on getting the credit data from the payments system of the hotel. There are others that are infiltrating the company through their public WiFi, checkin apps as well as their system for keyless entry.

One of the most common amenities in a hotel nowadays is the WiFi connection. This is the easiest way a hacker can penetrate the hotel guests by accessing their passwords and other important information. This is why it is important for guests to use their mobile data instead of the WiFi if they are going to make any purchase or access their online banks accounts.

Another problem is the apps used by guests to get in and out of their rooms. While this is more convenient, this is also a target for hackers.

For homes, it is important to install security screens in Perth and not just rely on technology which can be compromised.