How A Boiler Repair Company Earned ACustomer For Life

The central heating system in the home of Maria and Jesse Hulscher stopped working during Typhoon Doris. The family has just returned from a hospital in Minnesota after Maria gave birth to their second child Adler. The family was desperate for help and called Magnuson Sheet Metal Inc. to fix the broken boiler.

Fortunately for the Hulscher family, the company was able to send a repairman to fix the boiler after 20 minutes from hanging up. A massive snowstorm was raging and the blower fan in the furnace stopped working. There was a new baby and heat was very critical. It was very likely that Craig heard the urgency in Jesse’s voice that is why there was a speedy response.

The problem with the heating system was solved and after a few days, the couple found an invoice inside their mailbox. Instead of the bill that the couple was expecting, they found a message that says, furnace repair, clean burners and pilot assembly; no charge, take care of the new baby, signed Craig.

Jesse Hulscher who was a company manager took a picture of the invoice and posted it on his Facebook account. He wrote a message underneath the photo that he can’t thank Magnuson Sheet Metal, Inc enough because of the great service, fast response time and amazing technicians that fixed the problem of their heating immediately.

Jesse also posted his gratitude towards the business. According to Jesse, “Businesses like this earn customers for life! Thank you Craig and your staff for the amazing experience! We will be definitely calling on your services again, just hopefully, not to soon from now.”

New born babies cannot adapt to changes in temperature easily like adults. Babies have little body fat and they lose body heat quickly if the environment is too cold.

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