How A Brave Mother Survived The Challenges Of The Wilderness To Seek Help

Karen Klein, her husband and their 10-year old son were headed towards the Grand Canyon National Park. State Road 67 that leads to the Grand Canyon’s north rim was closed for the winter. The GPS on the car told them to detour using the forest service roads. Unfortunately, when they turned the car around, it fell on a ditch. Snow completely covered the roads and there were no signs of civilization.

Snow was falling hard and Karen decided to get help. She is a triathlete and has taken survival courses in the wilderness. With water and a few snacks, Karen said goodbye to her husband and son and set off to seek for help. 24 hours passed and there were no signs of Karen returning to her family. Eric the husband decided to hike to higher ground where he fortunately got signal. He was able to call for help using his phone.

Meanwhile, Karen has been hiking for 26 miles for 30 straight hours in the snow covered roads. When the searchers found her, she was barely conscious and she was suffering from exposure. They found Karen inside a guard shack that was closed for the winter season. Karen run out of food and water and survived by eating pine twigs and drinking her urine. Karen knew that if she eats snow she will soon be suffering from hypothermia.

Karen never gave up with her quest to find help. She collapsed but picked herself up and continued to travel the last few miles. Karen remained awake for 45 hours because she feared succumbing to hypothermia. She refused to stop until she found the guard shack. There were blankets inside the shack where she huddled until the rescuers found her. Karen kept on going because she did not want her mother to bury her. Neither did Karen want her son to suffer from losing a mother.

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