How A Fire Fighter Gained A Daughter He Has Wished For

It was a fairly normal day for Mark Hadden, a fire fighter in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, when he received an emergency call that would change his life forever. The emergency call came from a woman who was suffering from severe abdominal pains. When Hadden and some fire fighters arrived on the scene, they found out that the woman was in labour.

The fire fighters gave the woman some oxygen and started with IV’s. When they were leaving the parking lot to the ambulance, Hadden’s partner realized that they were about to deliver a baby and there was no time to prepare. Later in the day, after the baby was delivered, Hadden found out that the woman was homeless and she was putting up her baby for adoption. Hadden and his wife who have been wishing for third child immediately took advantage of the opportunity.

After two days, they took the infant home and named her Gracie. On March 2012, Hadden got full custody of baby Gracie and made her a permanent member of the family. Hadden has two sons, Parker, 12 and Will, 14 who absolutely love Gracie. Gracie at 5 years old has grown to be an amazing girl. She is taking gymnastics and will soon be starting kindergarten next school year.

Hadden still works as a fire fighter on volunteer basis but he is still overwhelmed by the idea of finding a daughter while he was on duty. Gracie knows everything about her birth story. Hadden never hid the fact that Gracie was born at the back of an ambulance and delivered through the help of Hadden and some fire fighters.

Gracie knows the whole story because Hadden did not want it to become a big surprise when she gets older. Once she is old enough to understand, Hadden plans to provide Gracie with an in-depth explanation of the situation.

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