How A Ring Was Found 37 Years After It Was Lost

Jessica Nisos is a scuba diving instructor from Spain. During one of her visits to the ocean floor, she found a wedding ring that appeared to be old with the sediment from the Mediterranean Deep covering it. After carefully cleaning the ring, Jessica found the inscription at the back of the gold band. It seemed that the ring belonged to an individual who got married on February 17, 1979.

Jessica Nisos wanted to find the owner of the personal treasure and the best option is through social media. Last August 4, her Facebook post that revealed part of the inscription on the ring got 80,000 shares. She mentioned the date inscribed on the ring but not the name engraved next to it which is “Juani”. This is to avoid any possible scammers that might be interested on the gold band.

Many people responded to the Facebook post but so far nothing was serious enough to be considered. After a month has passed, Jessica posted another message that was similar to the first one where she was looking for couple that got married on the said date and has visited Benidorm Island. Her perseverance in looking for the owners of the ring finally paid off.

Jessica’s post landed on the Facebook feed of the niece of Agustin and Juani Aliaga who got married in February 17, 1979 and went swimming in Benidorm Island the following summer. The couple sent Jessica a photocopy of the family register including a photograph of the matching bands. Finally, the wedding ring will be given to its real owners on September 26 in Zaragoza. According to the couple who have been married for 37 years, the symbolic and emotional elements of the ring that they used to get married on is more important than its material value.

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