How A Woman Showed Compassion After The Manchester Terror Attack

After the explosions at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester Arena, a 48-year old woman from Manchester was praised for taking care of 50 young children. Paula Robinson was at the Victoria Train Station with her husband when she heard the explosions. She saw teenage girls screaming and running away from Manchester Evening News Arena.

Paula told Reuters that she ran out of the train station seconds after the explosion and told the teenagers to run after her. She took the teenagers to a nearby hotel and shared her phone number through social media so that the teen’s parents will know that she is taking care of the teens. Paula knows that parents will be frantic when they hear news about the explosion.

There were lots of children in the Holiday Inn waiting to be picked up. While looking after the teenagers, Paula took to Facebook to announce that the 50 kids were safe and waiting for their parents. Following Paula’s selfless acts, people started tweeting their praises for her kindness and compassion for the concertgoers.

However, Paula was not the only person who did acts of humanity during that unfortunate day in Manchester. The local Holiday Inn offered cups of tea and phone chargers including lifts and hugs in social media. Many people from Manchester used the hash tag “RoomforManchester.” A couple of hotels in the area offered free rooms.

Manchester was not in short supply of people who were willing to help. Hope and love was very apparent across the city. Meanwhile taxi drives offered free rides after they have taken the injured to hospitals.

Fred Rogers, an American personality once said that when he was a little boy, he would see scary things in the news. His mother would say that he only needs to look for helpers because there will always be people who will extend help.

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