How Children’s Books Can Be Used As Inspiration For Décor

One of the ways to introduce literature to children is to use children’s books as inspiration in their bedroom and playroom. How will you go about navigating the interior décor in a fun way? According to Sheilah Michaels, an interior designer from Crozet, Va. Inspiration can be lifted from the pages of The Wind in the Willows, Charlotte’s Web and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. When Sheilah designed a room for Charlottesville Design House a few years ago, she used the classic children’s book as the source of ideas.

Sheila was an avid reader when she was growing up because her grandparents have a book business.  Actually many designers and retailers from bookstores to home decorating stores make use of children’s literature as inspiration. These ideas range from watercolor artwork, tea sets, hand-painted dressers and lamps with flower and garden motifs.

If you want to get design ideas from children’s books, try the work and illustrations of James Gurney, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, Steven Kellogg and many more. There are also websites with unframed, downloadable and read-to-hang art like,, and

These images that you can access online can be transferred to photo fabric or designed into pillow and window coverings. Cynthia Mehlberg a designer from Gillette, Wy. designs canvas throw pillows with quotes from Peter Pan, Hans Christian Andersen and others. These words from children’s literature are kept alive so that they can be introduced to the new generation.

Chicago artist, Christian Jackson has minimalist versions of familiar classic fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood evoked by a copse of trees and a flash of red cape; Goldilocks prints with three bowls of oatmeal each with a different size and the Three Little Pigs with a sprig of straw, a twig and a brick.

Artwork derived from children’s books can be integrated into the overall style of a room with a color palette of green, orange, blue and yellow can work with striped curtains, a starry night poster and a round hooked rug.

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