How Do The NRL Players Spend Their Time During Their Squad’s Day Off?

For some NRL fans their only wish is to own a knitted shirt from NRL official merchandise. However, what will you feel if you suddenly meet Cody Walker at an indigenous day care centre? When Cody Walker disappears from the Country Origin camp for 12 hours, people will be curious about the sudden absence. Is he playing golf or is he enjoying some drinks at a bar?

Walker explained to the Country Origin officials that he decided to hire a car to travel west to Gunnedah during one of the squad’s day off. It was a 6-hour trip to Gunnedah where he visited families in the indigenous day care centre. The visit was not sponsored by NRL or a charity organization. Walker’s decision to go to Gunnedah was based on a suggestion that a visit from him will be high appreciated by the families.

Fellow County players Brian Kelly and Tyrone Roberts were with Walker during the trip and they didn’t want anyone to know. The last thing that they wanted was to be singled among the thousands of volunteers in Australia. Since those involved are not too keen to talk about their secret activities, League International unveiled some 50 inspiring NRL stories.

Rising Rabbitoh Tyrell Fuimaono quietly collects leftover fruits and milk to be given to the homeless in Sydney. West Tigers winger Kevin Naiqama serves in a soup kitchen in the inner city. Rooster’s firebrand Dylan Napa regularly uses his own money to buy NRL merchandise for disadvantaged families. According to a Rooster’s official, the boy’s actually do the stuff but do not want media to know about it.

Keep quiet, but Roosters winger Daniel Tupou regularly sends unwrapped gifts for Randwick Children’s Hospital. Why is it unwrapped?The gifts have to be cleared by staff. However, knowing that these players are providing much hope to the disadvantaged is so inspiring.

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