How Pax and Aaron recovered from Drug Addiction

Pax was aware that he could no longer control his addiction. He was lucky for having a father who understood that traditional detoxification methods used by rehabilitation facilities will not work successfully for his son. Instead of conventional methods that made use of medication and prescription drugs, Pax undertook holistic healing through luxury rehab facility that places special emphasis on organic foods and Eastern philosophy.

Aaron Barnes was a former drug addict. He works out at Todd Smith Fitness six days in a week not only to maintain his physical health but to ensure his total recovery from drug addiction. Barnes says that being physically fit played a huge role in his recovery. He is now helping other drug dependents on their path to sobriety.

Aaron started taking a couple of pills every day until it increased to 10 and then 20 pills. He was suffering from depression due to some family problems and he became dependent to oxycodone. In order to relieve himself of depression even for a short amount of time, Aaron also turned to alcohol in addition to the drugs he was taking.

In 2015, Aaron’s parents managed to convince him to check into a rehabilitation facility in California. During his 60-day stay in the facility, Aaron found a new purpose in life. Aaron was among the lucky few who enjoyed a support system from his parents and gym friends. Most of the patients in the rehabilitation facility did not have a support system.

When Aaron returned to his normal routine, he poured all his efforts into physical fitness and became a personal trainer. He is encouraging other drug dependents to find their way out of addiction. He reminds them that there is a life after recovery from addiction. He believes that everybody must have the opportunity to enjoy a positive and healthy environment to fight addiction.

At the luxury rehab facility, a custom treatment is designed for patients so that they can be dealt with according to their needs. Each of the patients has a different battle and the effects of addiction are different on their minds and bodies. The holistic approach used by the facility cleanses both the body and mind at the same time.