How To Assemble Cellular Booster The Right Way

There could be a number of reasons why you get poor or weak signal. It could be your location, bad weather, external interference such as being located near tall, concrete buildings, mountains and metal structures or you could be making calls near other electronic or magnetic devices. If you are experiencing, poor mobile phone signal, you have the option to purchase Cellular Booster to change the way you experience your calls.

You can find a good number of signal boosters in your local electronic supplies shop or you can visit online shops to find Cellular Booster that suits your needs. The good thing about signal boosters is that they can easily be installed. You don’t have to be a technical expert to assemble the device and you also do not need special tools to activate the booster. You just have to follow the assembly instruction that is included in the packaging.

  1. The first step is to check if the signal booster kit has all the necessary. The general contents of a signal amplifier kit usually include a cell phone amplifier, an indoor omni antenna, an outdoor antenna, outdoor coaxial cable of 10m to 15m and power supply. There are kits that contain 5-meter indoor coaxial cable. The contents of the kit vary depending on the type of signal booster.
  2. Look for a viable point where the outdoor antenna of Cellular Booster Nikrans LCD-300 GW can be placed. Fix it the antenna on your roof or in a higher position where your mobile device can still be within area of coverage.
  3. Plug the outdoor antenna to the signal booster from the BS side and tightly fasten
  4. Plug the indoor antenna to the signal amplifier from MS side and fasten it tightly.
  5. Connect Cellular Booster Nikrans LCD-300 GW to the power supply.
  6. Check the signal in your mobile phone to determine if the signal strength has increased. The ideal signal bars after signal booster assembly should be four bars. Change the position of the outdoor antenna if your signal is still weak.