How To Take Care Of Clip In Hair Extensions

High quality clip in hair extensions can be a good investment. You get to style your hair and afford more volume for more than a year or even up to 2-3 years. With proper maintenance, you can lengthen your usage of hair extension. Here are some tips to a well-maintained hair extension.

  • Brush regularly. Use soft bristle brush or looper brush to remove hair tangles effectively. Proper and regular brushing would prevent damage and split making you use the hair extension for a longer period of time. Do not pull hair extension and be gentle in brushing it.
  • Wash properly. Wash the hair extension properly every after use. Do not use shampoo, hair conditioner and other hair products with harsh ingredients. Before you wet the hair extension, detangle the strands. Wet the hair extension bit by bit. Wash it in downward motion during shampooing and rinsing.
  • Allow natural drying. Avoid using blower or hair dryer in dying clip in hair extensions. Exposure to heat will weaken the hair and will make it susceptible to breakage. Do not even expose hair to direct sunlight in drying it. The safest way is to place the hair extension in an area where it would get ample air.
  • Low blow drying. If it would take forever to naturally dry the hair extension, you can opt to use blow dryer. Just make sure to set it at lowest heat setting. If you have bonds for hair extension and you want to dry it, do not clamp the iron dryer on the bond. Otherwise, it will weaken the adhesives.
  • Proper storage. After using your hair extension, wash, shampoo, condition and dry it thoroughly before putting it in an air-tight storage box. Make sure that the hair extension is totally dry before keeping it to prevent molds and tangles. Check the clip in hair extensions at least once a month to ensure that it is free from molds or discoloration.

On tying. In case you cannot remove the hair extension before sleeping, tie it properly to avoid tangles.