How To Take Care Of The Most Beautiful Dog In The World

It is very unlikely for a West Nashville dog groomer to charge you £28,000 for a dog’s beauty regimen because their prices are one of the cost effective in the state; however, the Chinese owner of the world’s most stylish dog has paid the astronomical amount for grooming equipment and bathing products.

Kevin Chan’s glamorous 3-year old Afghan hound AJ Nirvana Battle gains everyone’s attention wherever he goes. According to Mr. Chan who is a Beijing-based marketing director, he has spent 100,000 yuan (£11,600) on grooming equipment and 4,500 yuan (£525) monthly on bathing products so that the pristine floor-length mane will be perfectly preened. He spends 6 to 8 hours a week brushing Battle’s hair so that he will always look beautiful.

Mr. Chan said that when he saw Battle, he was already the most beautiful dog in the world and he does not mind spending time and money on the new family member. Mr. Chan bathes Battle regularly every 7 to 10 days. It takes about 6 to 8 hours to bathe and groom Battle. Battle was adopted 3 years ago and his beauty routine has started since then. Afghan hounds were born to be models with unique characteristics.

In order to smoothen Battle’s fur, a nutritious solution is sprayed and left to sink in for a minute. The tangles on the mane are removed using a bristle brush and baby powder. When Battle was still baby, grooming took about 2 hours daily. Now, it only takes about an hour at a time.

People always have an interesting reaction whenever they see Battle that is why Mr. Chan has invested on a camera and took photography lessons to share the best photos of his pampered pet. Many people would ask whether Battle is a dog or a sheep but most usually compliment his beauty.

When you take your dog to West Nashville dog groomer, he will be given a bath before cutting the hair to a specific length based on the breed’s standards. His ears will be cleaned and teeth brushed. The nails will be clipped and thoroughly cleaned. You will be assured that his physical appearance will be enhanced.