How To Water Orchids To Suit Thailand Orchids Wholesale

Improper watering of orchids is possibly the reason why orchids die. Watering orchids is not a complicated task. You just need to think differently than regularly watering houseplants. It also needs a better understanding on how orchids grow, especially on backyards. It’s when we grow Thailand orchids wholesale for sale.

Understanding an Orchid Roots

Orchids grown at home are aerophytes which naturally cling on trees and even stones. The roots of these plants are highly diversified organs that vary dramatically from normal plant roots. Certainly, it’s hard to conclude about anything when it comes to orchids. This is actually the largest group of plants around the world, hence it has its exceptions.

Orchid roots are encircled by thin membranesknown as velamen. This useful velamen can immerse inbig amounts of water, boosts the exchange of salts and minerals, and fits rough surfaces. Like a costly water-meter, this thin membrane is a perfect sign of your plant’s water needs. Freshly watered velamen is dappled or green depending on the species, while dry velamen is silvery or white.

For orchids, it is best to be slightly under-watered than wet as it will easily rot and the plant will die.

Watering the Proper Way

You need to follow few best practices to increase chances of success in rearing your orchids. This can mean business for those offering Thailand orchids wholesale on sale.

  • Water thoroughly

When you water orchids, do it like you mean it. Various growers apply varied rules, but a professional grower can turn on their sprinklers for more than 8 minutes. This idea can ensure the velamen is fully saturated and hydrated.

  • Check your water

For a long time, serious breeders had orchids watered by rain water. But now, people can use tap water without creating problems. However, treated water can be rich in salt or calcium content. If deposits are forming on your plants, try to search for a new source of water.

  • When uncertain, don’t do anything

If you’re in doubt to water or not water your orchid, hang on. Let the Thailand orchids wholesale teach you how to water these plants. Remember that you are out to sell more orchids, hence you should be able to grow plenty to suit the needs of many.