How You Can Establish A Happy Office

From high quality office desks to a suitable working environment, there are many things that can really turn a professional office into a still-professional yet happy office. You should know that having an office wherein employees can easily conduct work and still be happy and satisfied at the same time can do wonders for your company.

If you want what’s best for your company, then you probably make your employees happier because according to a study conducted by the University of Warwick, employees who are happy and fully engaged in their work brings a 12 per cent increase in the overall productivity of the company.

In the United Kingdom, it can be said that one of the biggest problems they are facing is probably productivity. In the recent years, you can notice a decline in the level of productivity in British businesses and right now, studies are being made as to what had caused this decline.

Although there may be direct reasons for this decline, it has been proven that businesses that have a clear sense of direction tend to perform better than those that do not. Furthermore, when the staff is happy and is motivated, they will effectively perform their work better, give fewer complaints, stay longer and are less likely to make sick leaves.

Now for you to make your staff happy and turn the office into a happy, productive and thriving place, you must first start by being a good employer. This means that you must have a good sense of direction and is willing to set standards while also constantly open to your staff, communicating with them on a regular basis.

You must also issue a reasonable term of employment for your employees within two months since their employment. Not only that, you must also hear them out and make it a two-way conversation with your employees.

Furthermore, you should keep a close record on them and be willing to provide these records in the case that they request for it.

Give them your protection and make them feel safe in the office environment. Do not hesitate in providing the necessary office furniture and also give them a space that they can use to rest.

Lastly, establish family-friendly policies.