HR Technology Program Sold By Namely

Namely’snewest innovation addresses the problem faced with regards to HR outsourcing. The company claims that it is the first platform to be introduced in the market and will be able to solve the problem of companies when it comes to staff shortage that will handle the in-house operations.

Small to medium companies who are looking for HR outsourcing service will be able to use the technology developed by Namely Inc. This software will be able to set up the HR system of the company. Namely is just using its previous technology and currently introduced into the market the HR technology program which uses cloud but it is offered as a managed service.

The company has a headquarters in New York and it recently announced that they are providing the managed version of the technology created for HR services. The platform is called Managed Services and it has core functions like compliance, benefits and payroll. It also comes with features such as keeping record of time. Customers will be serviced by personal account managers that will handle various sectors like pay roll and track benefits. According to Matt Straz, the founder and chief executive of Namely, they have existing customers that are requesting for added support.

Straz explained that he does not know of other companies that are offering to handle payroll, compliance and benefits with the help of managed services. This is the reason why they will be the first company to do so. Straz said that companies such as TriNet are using PEO or professional employer organization while the company Workday is using SAP and Oracle which is designed for singling out larger customer base. He said that they are the only one that he know of that is providing such platform in the current market.

Namely believes that since they are the first company to offer such service, there is a higher possibility that probable customers will go to them compared to their competition companies like BambooHR.

It is common for companies that are just starting out to oppose additional HR systems and personnel when they are just beginning but in the end it becomes a management problem that only HR outsourcing service will be able to solve.