Hundreds Of Thousands Required For A Rare Piece Of Original Stars Wars Memorabilia

In the small town of Thornaby, Teesside, UK some of the rarest pieces of Stars Wars memorabilia were auctioned off. The Vectin auction was happy news for Stars Wars fans and artists who dreamed of owning some of the iconic pieces of memorabilia. However, how much money is required to get a piece of the Star Wars memories?

  1. The most expensive piece of Stars Wars memorabilia that was ever sold is George Lucas’ Panavision PR 35mm camera that was used in filming A New Hope. The camera was only listed for $200,000 but ended up gaining more than 3 times the listed amount because people wanted a piece of the Star Wars memories.
  2. Star Wars fans are certainly familiar with the TIE fighter battle in Episode IV. The winning bid was $350,000 for a piece of the battle that collided with Darth Vader in the hidden depths of Death Star.
  3. The imperial Stormtrooper helmet was worn during the decisive battles that was held in Hoth in Episode V. This piece of memorabilia was sold in July 2012 for $225,000 plus 23% buyer’s fee. The proud owner of the Stormtrooper’s helmet can boast that this is the only helmet that made it to the market.
  4. One of the most memorable weapons used in the Stars Wars is the lightsaber. The iconic prop that was used by Luke Skywalker is the most memorable and belonged to the collection of movie producer Gary Kurtz. It gained bids that reached $240,000.
  5. The Laughing Squid figure was only worth $1.50 but it was sold for 11 times the original amount. The head mask that was worn by Peter Mayhew in July 2012 was one of the five costumes created for the iconic movie. In the auction house, the costume was sold for $140,000 plus buyer’s premium of $32,200.

Since the Stars Wars original memorabilia is very expensive; your best option of have a memory of the iconic film is Stars Wars Art. You can choose your best image of the costumes, weapons, characters and movie posters and have them printed in canvas to have unique wall décor.