IKEA Sheepskin Rugs A Hit To Game Of Thrones Fans

Fans of the popular television series, Game of Thrones, are visiting Ikea in order to purchase their skeepskin rugs after it was announced that the stars of the show are using them. Ikea’s bosses admitted that the sales of the rugs are rapidly increasing since it has been a top searched keyword online. It turns out that Jon Snow as well as the members of the Night’s Watch is wearing the rugs for their costume on the show.

Michele Clapton, the costume designer of the hit television show, admitted during an interview that the capes donned by some of the stars on the shows are actually sheepskin rugs from Ikea. The interview happened a year ago but it went viral only recently.

She shared how the rugs needed to be cut as well as shaved after which, leather straps are added to them for a more authentic look. She added that the budget is only limited thus they have to be wise on how to accomplish things.

After the revelation came to light, the staff at Wembley’s Ikea store which is located in the north western part of London was seen wearing the rugs as they roam around the floors.

The rugs that were seen worn by Game of Thrones’ cast are called Ludde and Skold and the price range is between £30 and £120.

A fan of the hit show who is from the south of London, Rita Hunt, said that she decided to buy the rug after knowing that it was the same one used at the show. She admitted that she is not confident about wearing them in public but she is going to don them during the winter as the watches Game of Thrones.

According to the textiles sales leader from Ikea, Carol McSeveney, the company is flattered because their rugs are used by the popular television show. She admitted that despite being warm and cozy, she did not think that they will become famous as a fashion accessory. This gave them the idea to display the sheepskin rugs off the floor and wear them instead.