Incredible Home Features Photo Finishes

Back in the old days, photos and snapshots from family gatherings and vacations are only kept inside photo albums and will only be taken out during the holiday season or a big family gathering where everyone looks at their precious keepsake.

We are now at the digital age and this is the reason why there are now many alternatives when it comes to taking pictures and how we can display them. They can be utilized as a décor inside our homes.

If you are looking for creative ideas on how your favorite photos may be used as a home décor, there are dozens of suggestions that can be found on the web. Local photographers, on the other hand, are putting their imagination to the test by displaying these photos inside their homes.

One great example is Peg Robb who is now 84 years old. She has been taking pictures for the majority of her existence. She is currently residing in her home at La Posada residence. She admitted that it was her very own father that influenced her into taking up photography.
Robb remembered how her father has a camera on hand all the time while they were still living in Oregon and she was just a small child. The family has their own traditional dark room back then. During that time, film is the only medium used for taking photographs but over time she has learned to embrace the beauty of digital photography. She is proud to say that her apartment is filled with photos derived using her digital camera.

Robb is fond of displaying her photographs and she uses different formats such as metal prints, traditional framing and canvas printing. Inside her place, one will be able to see photo collections being displayed on bookshelves as well as on the cabinet’s side part.
She admitted that she loves to mix things. With canvas printing, there is no need for her to frame anything and she can make custom canvas prints while metal prints make her feel like her photographs are preserved as artworks in aluminum. Robb’s love of photography is visible inside her home because of her various displays.