Job Application Letter From A 7-Year Old Received A Response From Google

Chloe Bridgewater is a seven year old who wrote a letter a Google applying for a job when she gets bigger. She also wanted to work for a chocolate factory or swim in the Olympics. Chloe like computers and she has a tablet of her own that she uses to play games. Her dad promised that she will get a computer one day.

According to her teachers, Chloe is very good in class. Her dad told her to continue on being good in school so that she will able to apply in Google. Her dad told Chloe who likes dolls and dressing up that she has to send an application to Google to get a job. A letter will be good enough for now.

Chloe might only be seven but her letter of application to Google demonstrates her adult-sized ambition. Because the magic of Kindle Fire has mesmerized Chloe, she became interested in technology and robotics. Her dad, Andy suggested that she can send an application letter for a job at the Silicon Valley Company. When Chloe’s dad mentioned that Google provides special access to recreational facilities and go-karts, Chloe was inspired to write the letter.

From her home in Hereford, England, Chloe wrote a heartfelt letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai in California. Chloe mentioned at the end of her letter that only one she has ever sent was to Father Christmas.

Chloe was delighted when she received a reply from Google that expresses its gratitude for the letter and her love for computers and robots. Sundar hopes that Chloe will continue with her love for technology. If Chloe persists on working hard, she can follow her dreams and accomplish everything that she has set her mind to from working with Google to joining a swimming team at the Olympics. Finally, Google is looking forward to a job application when Chloe finishes high school.

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