Joyride Circuit Featuring Ferrari 488 GTB And Pennzoil Synthetic Oil

Joyride Circuit is a two-minute commercial of Pennzoil synthetic oil line but why is there a turbo-charged eight-cylinder Ferrari 488 GTB in the video when it is very clear that the sports car has no problems with the product? The video is part of Pennzoil’s marketing campaign which it did in partnership with Ferrari. The commercial has no voiceover or product claims since the only sounds you can hear are Pennzoil Synthetics in the Ferrari engine.

There is little doubt that the target audience of this commercial is car enthusiasts that focus squarely on the high performance fantasy vehicle. The advertisement starts with a driver finding a hidden Pennzoil test car and whipping the 660 HP vehicle on an empty track before it escapes and tears up the roads of downtown Barcelona.

On the wheels of the Ferrari is Rhys Millen, one of America’s top drifting series competitors. The 43-year old New Zealand driver seemed quite giddy when speaking about the joyride on the behind scenes video from Pennzoil. According to Millen when he is driving a sports car on the race track what matters is performance. His experience behind the wheel of Ferrari 488 GTB was simply “wow” because the car has amazing power with so much torque pushing the 660 horsepower out of the twin-turbo V-8. If car enthusiasts had an exciting time watching the video more so with Millen who was definitely enjoying the ride.

The ridiculously awesome commercial from Pennzoil ends with the word “Joyride” appearing on the screen together with “To be continued” meaning this is the first of a series of 3 marketing campaigns. Pennzoil wanted to provide consumers with an advertisement they will care about. They wanted a change from the typical oil marketing campaigns. People certainly have a passion for car films and the content of the video is bound to be appealing and interesting to car lovers.

The Ferrari 488 GTB is actually the star of this Pennzoil commercial. When you combine a high performance car like Ferrari 488 GTB with an open racetrack, the advertisement is expected to gain a lot of attention.