Just To See You Smile Will Make The Day

It is very likely that you have heard Ellen Bryan giving alternate traffic routes through WUSA9 but no one knew how she navigated difficulties in her life. A situation that happened 16 years ago has certainly changed Ellen’s life.

When Ellen was 11 years old, she dreamed to be like her older sister Christina who has just turned 17 and in senior high school. Christina was the smart sister. She was third in her class, she could play golf and she sings in the choir. Her love of golf turned into a summer job on the golf course.

June 13, 2000 was a fairly normal day for Christina. Christina was at the golf course waiting for rain to stop so that she can finish her tasks of picking metal golf stands. A thunderstorm that was passing through the town of Celina, Ohio forced everyone to stay indoors. After the storm has passed, Christina went outside to continue picking the metal stands but a bolt of lightning hit her. The lighting was so strong that it created a 3-foot hole right next to where Christina was standing.

Christina’s heat stopped and she went into cardiac arrest. Oxygen supply to her brain stopped for 10 minutes before the paramedics arrived. Christina spent the next two years in her hospital bed. She survived but suffered from brain injuries. Christina has limited mobility, barely able to make a full sentence. She can smile and laugh and nod her head to say yes or no.

When the accident happened, Ellen believed that faith was very important. She put everything in God’s hands and made the best of what the situation called for. Ellen is grateful for life and she is spending it making Christina smile. Christina is still happy and her life-changing story has touched so many lives.

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