Latest Techniques Used In Pest Control To Be Taught To Farmers

The local farmers will be receiving lessons from Khalsa College soon in order for them to be updated with the latest techniques that will replace their outdated system in killing insects as well as to replace the use of insecticides and in place they will be utilizing friendly microorganisms. The college has started a special program that is dedicated for pest control. The college built a new bio-lab wherein they are able to create a system that can control harmful pests that are found in farms. They have developed varieties of abnthrocorid bugs, trichogramma brasiliensis, spider, predatory pentatomids, dragon fly, isotima jevenesis, carabid, syrphid and coccinellidae.

Through the lab, they were able to grown successfully these microorganisms and it will now be utilized in the field programs that the students in agriculture are conducting in order to educate more and more of their local farmers.

According to the principal of Khalsa College, Dr. Mehal Singh, the initial program will give focus on educating the farmers. They will be conducting various workshops and the farmers will also be given larvae of the friendly insects to utilize.

He also added that the college was able to develop friendlier versions of the eggs and larvae of the insects. In order to be transported, these will be packed inside plastic bags and then will be distributed to the farmers with the help of the organizations that are in collaboration with the program. At the beginning, each packet will cost Rs 20 if they want to purchase. The college will also be sending a team of students from the agricultural department to conduct workshops with farmers to teach them methods on how to control the pests in a biological manner.

The college is also working with a team of experts that will provide master classes for their local farmers with regards to the use of organic natural method of farming.

According to the expert in natural farming, Rajbir Singh, knowledge is very important. This is the same either in local farmers or companies that practice pest control in Perth. Scientific technique must be learned in order to recognize harmful and friendly insects.