Latest Weight Loss Program Requires Only Telephone Calls

Majority of people who wanted to lose weight thought that they need to pay a lot of money in order to lose weight or that they have to attend meetings personally before starting a program. According to recent study that was published by a journal named Obesity, people who are receiving their wellness coaching via the telephone are able to lose an average of 10 pounds in just more than a year. The trajectory of their year over year weight was also altered – going downward instead of the usual upward.

The coaching is phone based only and it is available to residents of California as long as they have the Kaiser Permanente health insurance. The study was made possible by the research division of Kaiser. According to the authors of the study, there are a number of huge health insurance companies that are offering coaching options in terms of health and wellness. For people who are trying to lose weight, this is a very good opportunity.

The coaching is given by health professionals who have been trained in different skills such as the motivational interviewing. The method is done by asking questions in order to aid people in learning about their internal motivations and the blockages that are preventing them to succeed. The sessions can be done between 10 and 30 minutes and every call is done to follow up regarding the goals that were set in the last session.

Researchers looked into the BMI and health records of people who participated. There were a total of 954 participants with an average age of 52. Each of them is able to receive at least one telephone coaching session tackling their goals for healthier meals, shedding weight and doing more physical activities.

The researchers compared the same number of people who did not receive telephone coaching but have the same BMI at the start of the program. The figure showed that 30 per cent of people who received telephone coaching were able to lose at least a pound while only 22 per cent for those who do not received telephone coaching. Others who do not find the method effective may also try other diet programs such as low calorie diet coupled with a HCG. To buy HCG, it must be obtained from authorized dealers.