Learning A Web Designers Lingo

For a non-designer and for someone who has no background in web design, the area of web designing can be daunting and might make you feel you are not acquainted to it. There is a certain set of language commonly used by those who are familiar with the trade. If you are planning on creating a website using some platform or if you plan to find a partner in designing your own site, it is important that you have an idea on what commonly used term means. This will also help when communicating with your web designer while brainstorming for the prospect site.

  • This is a graphic commonly placed at the top of a website in order to advertise something. It can take the form of either static or animated images or text. This is the best way to advertise a special promotion or offer as it will surely catch the visitors’ attention.
  • This is the abbreviation for HyperTextMarkup Language and it is used to make and format different types of web pages.
  • Domain name. This is a specific name that separates you from other computers that are found on the internet. This is found within a website’s URL. For facebook.com, Facebook is the domain name.
  • This means Joint Photographic Experts Group. This is only one type of photo file but the most flexible as it can be saved into smaller files to adapt in a webpage.
  • It is the link that bridges one web page and connects to another web page. The pages that are linked can either be found on the same website, more commonly known as internal linking, or different ones, external linking.
  • The longer version is Portable Document Format. This type was first developed by the company Adobe. This is mainly a document that contains text, graphics and images to convey information.
  • This is the feature of a website that will take users into other parts of the site. This can be in a form of a dropdown menu, buttons and icons.

There are many other common terms and it is important to research them before communicating with a web designer such as www.perth-web-design.com.au.