Limousines Top Wedding Car, Cuts Down Costs

Just Wedding Cars (JWC) says hiring a Limousine, through limo services like Bellagio Limousines, could reduce the cost of wedding car hire especially when the bride and the groom are looking to get married on a tight budget. They also reported that limousines are the leading and most popular choice for a wedding car.

Limousines have always been thought of as vehicles used to transport important people and celebrities to convey status and importance to society. However, they are now being used mostly for weddings and other events which demand arriving in style.

A JWC spokesperson says that limousines are now the rides of choice of brides since it makes them feel like celebrities in one of the most important days of their lives, as they arrive in the same style, importance, and head-turning manner as many celebrities and VIPs.

However, limousines are not only used for style since couples now use it to cut down wedding expenses. When around 116,000 weddings take place in Australia, with the average cost being $36,200, many couples look to reduce that amount especially those with smaller budgets. Just Wedding Cars, the leading wedding car hire in Sydney believes that hiring limousines is the key to reducing wedding expenses.

Instead of hiring different stylish cars to transport relatives and close friends in and out of the wedding venues, JWC suggests that hiring limousines can be a much cheaper alternative for the same luxury and style that couples might look for. Limousines have seating capacities much higher than that of other luxury cars. This saves the amount that would have been used for hiring other cars to transport family and friends as more people can fit inside limousines. This means that the couple can transport people in less cars needed and this also saves time in transferring people from different venues.

LWC says that the bride and groom can further reduce expenses by using one limousine to transfer both them and their friends and family to and from venues. And, if they choose to travel separately, they may travel in another vehicle while friends and family travel in one limousine. Both options can reduce expenses and save a lot of money.