Maje Founder Offers Guide When Travelling To Phuket

Judith Milgrom is the founder of Maje and currently its artistic director. Her family is based in Paris and she admitted that they always go to Phuket in order to escape the cold of the winter. There are many private residences in Phuket owned by celebrities and high-profile individuals who are always in the island. Milgrom and her family have been escaping to Thailand every December. Their most recent trip is their fourth year visiting the island. Phuket is an island of Thailand which is located in the Andaman Sea with white sand beaches coupled with lush green forests. It has approximately the same size as Turks and Caicos which is located in the Caribbean.

Milgrom, a designer hailed from Morocco, said that Phuket is like magic for them and this is the reason why they keep coming back. Her career started two decades ago when she introduced her brand with a flirty, boho concept. Her company Milgrom & Co. is currently celebrating its anniversary by publishing a coffee table book.

When visiting Phuket, Milgrom stays with her family at a luxury resort known as Amanpuri which is also the go-to accommodation for celebrities. It is in the western side of the island amidst a coconut grove. The resort has over 40 private pavilions with multiple rooms, a private beach and steam baths. The place is a combination of the traditional Thai culture and modern touches.

Phuket has more than 30 public beaches and boasts of its coastal rock formations. Tourists can also visit a number of Buddhist temples. For the outdoorsy, there is an array of outdoor activities waiting to be experienced. Milgrom loves yoga and she meditates too thus she enjoyed going to beachside vendors to buy colorful sarongs with intricate embroideries. According to her, this is the best way to dress up while in the beach because of the lightweight material.

Milgrom also offered packing tips for those staying at private residences in Phuket. For the luggage, she has been using one of Goyard which is another Parisian brand. She wears swimwear from Eres, also a brand from Paris. She reminded travelers to bring their lip balm and hand cream for the trip.