Manchester City Swipes Right On Tinder Partnership

Manchester City may have been beaten by Liverpool in the Champions League on April 4, but it’s set to embrace social content marketing in order to win some support, with a recent partnership set up with dating site, Tinder.

Manchester City’s set to do battle with rival Manchester United at home, with victory meaning a Premier League title for MC. The excitement is notable, with MC swiping right with the launching of a new, multi-year partnership with the popular dating site, Tinder.

As part of the partnership, Tinder is showing its support for Manchester City by rocking the club’s colors ahead of the battle happening on the 7th of April, with a series of blimps flying over Manchester on the 5th of April, marked with the slogan; Tinder City #PerfectMatch

This is the dating site’s first endeavor into sports sponsorships, with the partnership signed with Manchester City’s owner, City Football Group, which applies to both the men and women’s teams, as well as the New York City Football Club. Part of the plan, among others, is to collaborate on giving the dating site exclusive access to the group’s games and events.

Chief Commercial Officer for City Football Group and Managing Director for City Football Marketing, Tom Glick, says that the group took a page from social content marketing tips and partnered with Tinder, seeing an instant connection with the dating site, with great synergy between them as marketers.

He says that the two share a rich space, with Tinder being one of the world’s leading apps when it comes to connecting people and bringing them together, while sports are a huge part of how people live their lives across the world. Glick says that City Football Marketing took notice of this and that’s why the partnership was made. He adds that what attracted them to Tinder was a global scale and its dedication to equality between male and female football players.

Back in January, Manchester City launched the “Same City, Same Passion” campaign, which was aimed at promoting women’s football. Part of said campaign was the merger of its men’s and women’s social media channels into one.

Glick points out City Football Marketing’s proven track record, on top of the new New York City Football Club as important considerations for the deal, as the new FC would be embedded in the city, thanks to being created by New Yorkers for New Yorkers. Another key part of the deal, Glick says, will be video marketing. Manchester City currently has at least 1 million YouTube subscribers, and will be further developing their video production capabilities.

Glick says that Manchester City, and the City Football Group, are very serious about winning, but they’re also dedicated to connecting with the fans, and they’re expecting this to come through thanks to this new partnership.