Marketers Use Holidays To Promote Cultural Change

According to a website, the “Talk Like a Pirate Day” started since 1995 when two guys, Mark Summers and John Baur, found themselves conversing like pirates in a racquetball game. They decided to have a holiday for pirate speaking. From 2002, this holiday is officially celebrated every 19th of September thanks to a column in Miami Herald by Dave Barry.

Since then, brands like Captain Morgan, Long John Silver’s and Pirate’s Booty invented pirate themed products and jumped in on the hype.

This holiday isn’t just a fluke.


National Pi Day

For example, there is March 14. Exploratorium in San Francisco said National Pi Day – celebration of the math constant Pi – was initiated by Larry Shaw in 1988.

This, too, was noticed by brands that make pizza pie and baking puns.


May the Fourth

This is the day to celebrate Star Wars and say, “May the Force be with you.” This, too, have brands.


Everyday is something

These are the well-known examples of these new holidays. However, there are still more. Another example is the National Pancake Day and IHOP. In reality, everyday is something.

Social media and marketers are to be thanked for these.


Marketers driving passion from interests

Marketers are increasingly looking for ways to add engaging experiences when they play the cards right. This is also important because the consumers have more control so brands are challenged continually to connect with customers in meaningful ways possible, according to Joe Grigsby from iCrossing.

According to Grigsby, many of the holidays are currently noisy like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. So most marketers lean to those more niche which results in a National Guacamole Day or a World Emoji Day. He added that for consumers, these are not always marketing schemes but an experience that increases the appeal.

To add, technology is also pushing awareness of the lesser known holidays.

According to Per Omid Farhang, a chief creative officer at Momentum Worldwide, consumers who are passionate about something drive this trend.

This gives marketers and companies that help businesses market products and services, such as crewdo, the opportunity for tapping into narrow interests where there is a huge amount of passion.