Miracles Do Happen – It Happened To Sienna

Kai and Hayley Tippett dreamed of becoming permanent residents in Australia. The parents applied for permanent residency in April 2016 for themselves and their three children, Charley, 16, Abbi, 13 and Sienna, 6. The family was granted their visas but Sienna was denied because a Commonwealth-appointed doctor decided that Sienna will be a burden to the Australian community.

For the Tippett family, if one fails than everybody fails. Meanwhile, the Tippett’s strongly argued that Sienna is not a burden because her un-named medical issue only affects her balance and speech. Sienna has undergone extensive medical testing that included MRI’s lumbar puncture and muscle biopsy to determine her illness.

Sienna’s cognitive ability is not affected by her medical condition and she is enrolled in a support unit in a mainstream school. In addition the Tippett’s do not receive pension because their family is over the asset threshold. Sienna has learned Australian sign language and if they move back to the UK, she has to learn a new sign language to be able to communicate.

The Tippett’s got support from 30,000 people who signed a petition in change.org. The family has launched #TeamSienna campaign that gained the attention of the world. Many people hoped for the decision to be overturned and signed the petition.

Now the Tippett’s are official Australian residents and they are grateful to everyone who has provided them with prayers and support. After 10 months of agonizing wait for Sienna’s application to be approved, the family received the happy news that they can stay in Australia, a place they have considered as home.

Regarding Sienna’s health, Mr. Tippett shares that her balance is improving and she is “very vocal” at the moment. Amidst the celebrations, Mr. Tippett advises family who are going through the same circumstances to stay strong because happy endings may just happen.

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