More Fun At 94 By Knitting Scarves For Friends

Emil Bohn of Shelby Township is a 94-year old man who still has vivid memories of his late wife Virginia. When Emil asked his wife Virginia to knit him a bulky sweater, she said “no” but when he asked her to teach him how to knit, she obliged the request.

After learning how to knit, Emil was able to produce five heavy sweaters; two of them are still in his wardrobe. Emil’s next big project was a bulky intarsia sweater with the design of geese in the front and back sides and two small one on the sleeves. Intarsia is a knitting technique that uses different colors of yarn in order to create words, patterns and images.

After finishing the sweater, Emil asked his wife to try it on and surprisingly, it fit. Since his wife won’t knit him a sweater, Emil decided to knit a sweater for his wife. When the couple traveled to Mary Maxim in Port Huron, he bought yarn to knit what he thought would be his last sweater and when he finished knitting the sweater, he gave up knitting in 1960.

However, in 2006, Emil lost his wife of 60 years. After two years, Emil realized that he needed to do something to pass his time and picked up his knitting needles again. Since then, Emil has completed nearly 250 pieces of 45” x 48” scarves that he chooses to give to friends and relatives.

The scarves are not simple. Most of the designs are unique because Emil does not get instructions from books. If his attention is caught by a picture or design, he puts it on graphing paper. The engineer in Emil tells him the exact number of stitches in every scarf. Last month, Emil decided that he wants to try to knit a sweater again because he wants to see whether he can still do it.

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