Motorcycle Ambulances Help Save Lives

Sukmi was 8 months pregnant when her water broke. She lives in Ongnarpal which is a village deep in the forests of Chhattisgarh. Four wheel type vehicles cannot get to her, and the hospital is miles away. However, help came in a form of a motorcycle ambulance. Sukmi got to the hospital in time to deliver her baby girl.

The help from motorcycle ambulances in India

The motorcycle ambulance is a new idea in India that is getting a lot of lives saved especially in remote areas and regions where a lot of lives have been taken due to their distance from the hospitals.

The help of the motorcycle ambulance played a huge part in Sukmi and her baby’s survival. It was able to take her from a remote village to the hospital located in the district of Narayanpur.

Her situation was not one of a kind. Many lives have already been saved by motorcycle ambulances especially pregnant women. With this kind of help, there has been a decrease in maternal and infant deaths in Narayanpur district, Bastar division, Chhattisgarh.

The motorcycle ambulance project

Having seen success in some African countries, the ambulance is a motorcycle fitted with a carriage to the side for a patient’s comfort.

Only trained local riders drive the ambulances since the terrain in the area is challenging.

Ajay Trakroo from UNICEF mentions that the project started last year. He adds that pregnant women are the main focus since there is a high mortality rate in the region of Chhattisgarh. They are working to give the needed healthcare to these pregnant women in this forest area.

Trakroo also noted that it is a referral ambulance so it only carries the patient going to hospitals.

The expansion of the motorcycle ambulance project

There is currently one motorcycle ambulance in the Bastor division that serves pregnant women and other patients with serious conditions or illnesses.

Ten motorcycle ambulances are set to be deployed soon.

The National Institute of Technology (NIT) is doing its best to have the design of these motorcycle ambulances improved for efficiency. Trakroo said that they are working on getting the Solo motorcycle parts and the ambulance stability up.