Natural Gas Pumping Stations Made Available By Home Builder

The best thing a home owner can find when looking for a new house is the best luxury home builder to provide the property they dream of. If you are one of those people who prefer to drive a vehicle that uses alternative fuel then the Fulton home located in Queen Creek is the best option for you. The home builder allows the owner to have their own natural gas pumping station which can be placed in the garage.

According to a representative from Fulton, owners who will avail of the new option will have to pay an additional of $6,000 which amounts to another $28 when paying for the monthly mortgage.

The program was only recently unveiled by Fulton Homes in partnership with AutoNation Honda and Southwest Gas Corp. Doug Fulton, the CEO of Fulton Homes, have already expressed his excitement with their new venture in the business of gas distribution. A model home was already built at the Queen Creek Station and it is expected to have 674 homesites.

The prices of the house will have a range of $240,000 to $500,000 while the models will have about 1,900 to 4,200 square feet.
Fulton also shared how they think everything was already thought of then another new idea comes in.

If the commuters will choose to drive a vehicle that uses alternative fuel then they will have access to another lane on the freeway of the region which is the high occupancy. The new project will prove to be an added advantage to the homeowners since there is another project being developed in downtown Phoenix just 40 miles away.

According to Fulton Homes’ VP of operations, Mr. Dennis Webb, the project will benefit those who are commuting to either Tempe or Phoenix. The latest data for the month of June from the Department of Transportation also revealed that in Arizona there are 3,826 natural gas vehicles that are registered.

For homes that will avail of the natural gas pump, two gas meters will be provided by the Southwest Gas since the transportation gas is found to be cheaper than the gas used in certain household appliances like dryers and grills.