New Bangkok Guide: Where To Stay And Dine Aside From Chann Bangkok Noi

The city of Bangkok, the capital city of the Kingdom of Thailand, has been enjoying a significant success from its tourism industry during the last few months since the unfortunate death of their former king, not to mention, the failed military takeover that rigged the city which played a crucial part in crippling the city until a new government has been installed late last year. Since then, it has been mostly an uphill journey for the tourism industry in the city thanks to the various initiatives pushed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and service providers from the privates sector. Even now when the city is among the top cities in the Southeast Asia region that have been able record a big number of international tourist arrivals during the first six months of 2017, the city officials are continuing to work round the clock to furthermore improve the quality of service that both local and foreign tourists are getting various service providers such as hotels like Chann Bangkok Noi which strategically located right at the heart of the city which makes it a good choice of a hotel or tourists because it’s basically accessible from all directions.

Last February of 2017, it was announced that Michelin, the company behind the cloud-like figure Michelin Man, a primarily tire manufacturer and supplier known to sporting events in the world, has decided to come up with the guide that will guide local and foreign tourists as to where to dine in the city. The said guide, which is expected to be completed by the end of the current year, is a joint venture together with the Tourism Authority of Thailand who in return, pledged 5 years’ worth of financial support to the French tire company in hopes that will continue to attract more and more tourists into the city and also legitimize the what the city’s culinary industry has to offer. Included in the said guide are the restaurant and food stalls that offer authentic Thai cuisine and awesome dining experience not to mention, hotels like Chann Bangkok Noi which can also offer a nice vacation experience to tourists.